The End

08/10: Leverett Open House

The Georgis kindly invited PRISE to their house, filled with delicious monkey bread and other treats. This just might be my only shot of Greg when he’s not giving a talk!

08/10-08/12: Final Presentations

Vijay, excited to start his presentation

Undergrads of the Saghatelian Lab, with their mentor.

I didn’t take too many pictures of the presentations, and ended up with very few decent ones – my apologies.  Here’s the full album of the presentations:

08/13 Closing Dinner

PRISE went with a bang. No one expected such an elaborate dinner to top off a great summer. Everything was immaculate, from the butter to the dry ice to the color coordination of lights, flowers, and tablecloths.

awww =)

Ernie delivers a charismatic, one-of-a-kind, unforgettable speech

Rob Lue tuned in from Shanghai to talk with us. We are so lucky.

That’s all, folks. =)

Thanks for a great summer, PRISE! Good times.

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08/03 – 08/09

Wow – summer is quickly drawing to a close. PRISE is making use of every spare minute, jam-packing yet another week. Click on the photos to see the full Picasa album!

08/03. Presentation Practicum – Photo credits to Michael! 

08/04. Lunch with Marc Hauser.

08/06. The last of the Distinguished Speaker Series: Alyssa Goodman

08/08. Dancing in the Moonlight. This event was so well done, from food to decorations to music! Everyone had a great time.

yummmm cupcakes!

08/09 Tanglewood! Although it was threatening to storm all day, it never actually got past a drizzle. Great company, great music. Take a look at the album for some fun pictures!

08/09. Finale Study Break, the last one. I wish I could have captured the crowd as we swarmed the table at 9:20 sharp. A huge thanks to all the PA’s who have worked so hard to throw us a study break every weekend! 

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07/27. Greg gives our Monday night seminar – how to give a presentation.

07/19. Professor Kronforst talks about his lab’s work with Heliconius butterflies.

(cont’d) Jeremy hosted the event, and brought ice cream cake from J.P. Licks!

07/30. Professor Stephen Kosslyn gives us very valuable advice on creating PowerPoint presentations.

Everyone got copies of his book! Professor Kosslyn kindly signs his book for Namrata and Vijay.

08/03 Water Balloon Fight!

There are many more fun pictures of the epic water balloon fight than the ones posted here – take a look at them!

The water ballooners, before the fight.

No mercy.

Joe blocks a balloon with his bare hands.

08/03 Bowling

The PRISE Bowling excursion really was an excursion. It involved getting lost four different ways, jumping over a mud puddles, crossing over a bridge, and trekking through a reservation. We all had a great time!

Playing around at the Alewife Station

Whoa! Hello Justin!

Bowling was so much fun!

DA, Namrata, and Eshwan explosion! Ameya is not amused.

Taking photos is so much more fun now that I’m getting to know you guys and am not taking pictures of strangers! More fun photos of the bowling trip here.


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Photos from other PRISE fellows

Thanks to Tzuying, Mike, and Jeremy for contributing their photos! 


Mike wanted me to put up his pictures of whale watching, but I couldn’t help posting this one. An amazing shot of the Tall Ships

See Mike’s other photos of  whale watching and dinners with Professor Malan. 


This photo dates all the way back to June 13 – the Boston Pops Apollo 11 Anniversary Concert. It rivaled 4th of July in patriotism.

See Tzuying’s pictures from the Boston Pops concert and RENT! 


Jeremy has organized so many events this summer! We’re so lucky to have you in PRISE this year =)

07/18. A Canoeing on the Charles – just one of the many events that Jeremy has helped to organize!

See the rest of Jeremy’s photos from the canoeing trip!

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July 19-23

07/19. Happy stomachs at Spice study break!

07/20. Careers Off the Bench. Three amazing women.

07/21. Citizen Schools Summit: A great event that PRISE infused with its collective passion for science. This is a generally unflattering picture of everyone seated in this row, but it just shows the solid PRISE turnout at the event.

Nico and Nan prepare to present their proposal: designing a compost system and then implementing it in the middle school.

07.21. Hyperdodecahedron! A brilliant idea, and very well implemented to boot!

The mastermind himself! Actually, this is Zach a week before the event.

07/23. Distinguished Speaker Series: Adam Cohen.

It’s Vijay!

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July 15-19

Unfortunately the Apple Store decided to keep my computer for a full week, and I wasn’t able to get all of these photos up until recently. Sorry everyone! I hope this huge photo dump isnt’ too overwhelming…

Click on the photos to see the rest of the pictures! Or, alternatively, you can just go to the album homepage.


07-15.  All-Science Campus Party at the Pub

07-16. We all had a good time at Professor Khoshbin’s talk. =)

07-17. Prajakta, Amea, Mimmie, Vernon, and Gerald are fascinated by illusions at Night at the Museum of Science.

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Be back in a few days!

Sorry if you’re coming here and looking for recent pictures – my computer is out of commission at the moment. Pictures will be up around the middle of this week!
And the Apple store has informed me that they will be keeping my computer for a few days longer; sorry about this.

– Kate

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After scarfing down a quick dinner, PRISE headed out to the Harvard Square AMC theater for the 7:15 prescreening of Harry Potter. Movies are so much more exciting when your group takes over the theater! I had a great time gasping, oOhing, laughing and awwing with all you guys!

Getting pumped up!

PRISE takes over the theater!

Best Costume: Christine!

Give me more pictures!

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Getting into Graduate School

PRISE Fellows Hasan Korre, Stella Lee, and proctor Nora Sluzas came back tonight to share their stories about finding their way post-Harvard.

Hasan Korre: Studying Electrical Engineering at MIT.

Nora: studying energy conservation in China on a Michael Rockefeller grant.

More pictures.

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Fun in the Sun: Fruit study break and Whalewatching

Lucked out with some great weather this weekend! Perfect for the fruit study break and whale watching trip. 

Fruit! Blueberries, grapes, clementines, pineapple, and juice … mMMmm.

Michael, up close and personal

Happy, healthy stomachs

More pictures from the fruit study break.

On Sunday, PRISE went on the infamous traditional whale watching trip. After hearing past horror stories of mass vomiting, I made sure to take some dramamine before getting on the boat (I’m quite thankful for that). After an hour and a half of speeding out into the ocean, our boat chanced on a mother whale and her calf, who proceeded to give us a spectacular performance! 

I went with Michael’s group to see the Tall Ships first:

My favorite of the Tall Ships.

The Tall Ships group, on our way to the Aquarium

Loving life.

Hao, looking patriotic. Hao set off the fire alarm last weekend by frying an egg, by the way. (All right, I admit I put up this picture just so that I could write that in the blog)

Hi Jeremy!!!

A breaching whale. 

PRISE 2009: tanned, windswept, and well versed in breaching.

Take a look at the rest of the photos here! I know many, many of you have also captured some great moments from the weekend, and if you would like to share your photos as well, don’t hesitate to contact me! 

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